ClientParametersRequest failed error with Google Maps SDK

When starting with using Google Maps SDK for iOS, you may run into following runtime error.

ClientParametersRequest failed, 0 attempts remaining (0 vs 7). Error Code=400

Primary reason for this error is connected to API key that you are using for Google Maps SDK. Here are some of the things that you want to check.

  • When generating API key, specify the same iOS bundle ID that you have set in your XCode project. Google has left this field to be optional on their key generation UI. But I will strongly recommend to specify it and must match with project.
  • If you change bundle ID of your application, make sure you regenerate API key and change it in your XCode project as well.
  • This one is a kicker. Do enable Google Maps SDK in your google developer portal. By default Maps SDK is not enabled. You will have to enable it. Do check list of enabled APIs in google developer portal to make sure that
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