How to use Google Maps API with Typescript

In this post, I will show some sample code on how to use Google Maps API with Typescript in MVC application. I will not go into discussion and details about pre-requisite for using Google Maps API...

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Fix game sounds turned off on iPhone

Have all game and application sounds on your iPhone & iPad stopped working all of a sudden for no reason? There is nothing to panic. You don't have to call Apple support right away. There is a good ch...

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How to turn on 4K video recording on iPhone6

Have you noticed that when you get a new iPhone, all the videos you record on it are not 4K resolution. There is nothing wrong with your phone. Default setting on iPhone is to record videos at 1080p@3...

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How to use Datetime Picker With Typescript

In my earlier post, How to use FullCalendar plugin with Typescript, i showed some typescript implementation showing use of FullCalendar. If you are using a calendar in your application then you are m...

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How to use FullCalendar plugin with Typescript

Calendars are integral part of majority of applications. There are always scheduled events, meetings, sales etc. that every application has to keep track of and show to users of the applications. ...

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