Marketweet - Twitter Autofollow Application

After first console version release of Marketwwet, I recieved lot of requests to customize the build for individuals. So I decided to create a very simple windows application that you can download from here and insall with click of a button.


  • Simple to use user interfave
  • Add as many keyword or phrases to track
  • Change frequency of running the auto follow service
  • Charts to show progress of followers addition
  • Best of all ... you have complete source code of application to customize

How much does it cost?

It costs absolutely NOTHING. Yes, you heard it right. No, there is no catch to it as well. I do not even ask you to sign up or provide me with your email address. But if you are interested in getting updates, leave a comment or send me message directly. I will keep you updated with new versions. If you do find any use of the application and if you would like to donate some cash, I would appreciate it.



Application uses Microsoft.Net 3.5. It is essential that you have this framework installed on your machine prior to installing the application. You can download and install the framework from following location.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5


Just download the installation MSI package form following location and run it. Follow the wizard steps. There are no complicated choices to make during the install. You can simply choose the defaul options.

How to use?

  • Every time you will start the application, you will need to provide your Twitter Account credentials to login. We do not save these credentials anywhere. Application will need your credentials to send follow requests on your behalf.

  • Add or modify keywords that you want to track to run auto follow service.

  • Once you are all set to run the service, click on Service < Start menu item. The service will start running after about 10 seconds. You will see status messages shown in the bottom pane while service is running. After first run, the service will run every hour(default settins). You can change this value from Tools menu.

V2.3 Release

Download V2.3

Changes in V2.3

  • Fix to accomodate recent changes in Twitter API
  • Bug fixes in application

V2.2 Release

This version of application allows you to set the option to automatically send a message to new followers.

Upcoming Changes

  • Automatic updates to the application.
  • Weekly, Monthly and custom trending reports.
  • Service will be installed as windows service
  • Tray notifications when new user's follow you
  • ....more and what ever you will suggest.

Source Code

Drop me a message or put a comment here if you need source for the application. I am working on making avilable via CodePlex or GoogleCode in few days.




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