Added Most Viewed Posts Widget In BlogEngine

Finally i got around to adding new widget to BlogEngine.Net to display most viewed posts. I also added a new field in the database to track views of pages as well. And in a day or two I will add new widget to display most viewed pages as well. Here is list of changes to the code.

  • Updated be_Pages SQL table to include new column Views and two new entries be_Settings table for most viewed posts and page count.
  • Updated BlogSettings.cs to include new properties NumberOfMostViewedPosts and NumberOfMostViewedPages
  • Updated Page.cs file in Data provider project to include new property Views
  • Updated DbBlogProvider.cs to update CRUD metods for Page to manipulate page views count
  • Added new folder MostViewedPosts that contains implementation of new widget.

How to use new widget

Unzip file into Widgets folder. Run sql update script to add new field and values in tables. And then apply the code patches.

Following is list of files that you will need to download to add new widget to your existing installation.

SVN Code Patch [BlogEngine_MostViews.patch]

Widget Files [ (2.44 kb)]

SQL UPdate Script [Sqlupdate.sql (297.00 bytes)]

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