How to get twitter daily trends programmatically using REST API

This code snippet shows you how you can get twitter daily trends using TweetSharp API. It is very important that you get latest code for the API. There was a bug in Trend API that I discovered and got fixed from the developers of the API.

static void GetDailyTrends()
 IFluentTwitter ft = FluentTwitter.CreateRequest();
 ft.AuthenticateAs(LOGIN_NAME, PASSWORD);
 var resp = ft.Request();
 if (null != resp)
  var trends = resp.AsTrends();
  if (null != trends)
   foreach (TwitterSearchTrend trend in trends.Trends)
    Console.WriteLine("Query: {0}\tName: {1}", 
       trend.Query.PadRight(40), trend.Name);

Outpt of this console application looks like below.

Query: "American Idol" OR #idol       Name: American Idol
Query: Cavs                           Name: Cavs
Query: "Kris Allen"                   Name: Kris Allen
Query: "Adam Lambert" OR Lambert      Name: Adam Lambert
Query: LeBron                         Name: LeBron
Query: Cleveland                      Name: Cleveland
Query: Kobe                           Name: Kobe
Query: Kiss                           Name: Kiss
Query: NBA                            Name: NBA
Query: #americanidol                  Name: #americanidol
Query: "Rashard Lewis"                Name: Rashard Lewis
Query: "Top Echelon Network"          Name: Top Echelon Network
Query: "Go Magic" OR Magic            Name: Go Magic
Query: Glee                           Name: Glee
Query: "Star Trek"                    Name: Star Trek
Query: Lakers                         Name: Lakers
Query: Adam's                         Name: Adam's
Query: "Terminator Salvation"         Name: Terminator Salvation
Query: Goodnight                      Name: Goodnight
Query: Queen                          Name: Queen
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