Fast leveling and earning faction in Age Of Conan

Of of my biggest grief with Age Of Conan has always been lack of content and quests at higher levels. Once I hit level 70, I was having hard time trying to figure out what what quests I could pick so I could level at faster pace. I was definitely not going to join those mindless DMC grind groups in Kesh. I did most of the quests in Kesh and dragged my self to level 75. Tats when I hit major road blocks. I was out of quests that I could solo. Now I had about 20 group quests for which I needed group. With population on all server so thin it is not easy to find a group for your quests.

So I was talking to one of guild members about it. And he told me most important secret of the game that would allow me to gain one level every two hours and I did not have to fight with a single mob. And on top of that I would collect insignia to earn faction in Khitai when I hit 80. So here is what you are going to do.

Goto Khitai area. Then through great wall go all the way to Paikang area. It is long ride if you are going for the first time. You will have cross about 3 zones. One thing you have to be very careful is that mobs in those areas are level 83 and higher. So if you are heading there around level 76, do not waste your time fighting with them. Try to stick to the roads and avoid any mobs. Once you will reach Paikang, look for poster quests. Get the poster quests. Here is the secret. You want to get the quest titled Wood by the Riverside. The quests on the poster are random. So if you do not get that quest, delete it from your log. And then try again till you get it. Then follow the road to the quest item area. Make sure you stick to the road. Once you get to the river, you will find about 10 places where you can pick the wooden boxes. Collect 12 items and return the quest. Then again pick up poster quest. Trick is to delete the quests till you get that speciifc quest Wood by the Riverside. Keep doing it. And you will gain a level in about 2 hours. And each quest return will give you insignia as well that you can use to earn faction when you hit 80.

As you can see. Fast leveling without fighting with any mob.




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