How to configure auto recover options in Visual Studio

Recently my laptop has been behaving nicely to me. Because of an error in video card device driver, it kept crashing on me in middle of important development work or things like that. In times like that Visual Studio Auto Recovery has been god send for me. A lot of times I will have project or source code files not saved and system will Blue Screen (BSOD) on me. So I decided to dig around and see how I can tweak settings of auto recovery so I can make it to auto save more often than what it is doing now. You can do it from Tools > Options >AutoRecover view. See the screen shot below.

visual studio autorecover options

The options are very self explanatory. If you are interested in knowing where the autorecovery data is stored, you can find it at following location in your profile in windows.

C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\{vs version}\AutoRecoverDat
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