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Recently I was putting together an ecommerce and marketting site for a car dealer. And one of my developer asked me if I have to buy a new car today, what will I make. After taking a pause for couple of minutes I answered that I will pick a Toyota make vehicle. The developer seemed little surprised. He said that given the recent safety issues and massive recall of Toyota cars and other vehicles why would I go with those vehicles. And I just answered, that is exactly the reason that I will pick a Toyota car. I also added that I do not know if my answer will be same 10 years from now, but today I definitely consider new Toyota vehicles to be safer than others. Here is my reasoning behind this choice and decide.

Traditionally Toyota has been a company that is known for its quality and dependable cars. They are one of the champions of Six Sigma methodology. Those were the days when they were not number one car sellers around the world, but they were inching towards that goal. And suddenly they found themseleves inches to that goal. And just that little lapse of judgement happened and they tried to take a short cut to get to that goal quickly. They probably ignored some of the strict quality goals they had in place and cranked up the output of manufacturing plants. And thats when mistakes happen and now they see it.

Now they had a slap on their wrist. The company's philosphy is still the same to be proud of their quality and dependability. They will and are working to amend their mistakes. So all the new models that are coming out of the plants are being monitored closely and following stricter quality assurance processes. Toyota has to get the confidence of their customers back and only way to do it is by shipping vehicles that are safe and dependable.

It's just not the quality, Toyota is offering more discounts and deals to the customers to bring them back to car dealerships and showroom. So at present it makes sense to take a look at Toyota cars from quality as well as cost point of view as well. My hope is that Toyota has learned that short cut to top place can slide them down the hill quickly as well. And they will go back to their basics that put them in top of the pack.




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