Use SnipTool and Sticky Notes in Windows 7

There are two very useful tools in Windows 7 that I absolutely love. Sticky Notes and Snip Tool

If you are migrating from Windows Vista then you probably have seen these tools in the form of gadgets. But for users who are upgrading from Windows XP, these tools are going to something they will find themselves using all the time.

Sticky Notes

The name pretty much tells the whole story. Yes, these are like sticky notes that you can post on your display. Click on the menu option in Start menu and it will bring up a blank sticky note on your display. Write whatever note you want to write on it and it will stay sticky on there. If you want to create more notes, you will notice there is a + button the note. If you click it, you will start a new sticky note. If you are big fan of sticky notes to keep track of your tasks then you will love it.

Snip Tool

If you are like me who like to take snap shot of applications or messages or things like that to convey visual description of message or description etc. then you are going to love this tool. Now you do not have to do Print Screen and then save the image in some graphic editor and then edit it to cut out the relevant portion. All that pain is gone with this new tool. When you click on the menu option in Start > Accessories it will bring up a small dialog box. Click on New button. Your screen will turn into very light color and a snipping cursor will become active. Simply mark the area on the screen that you want to snip and tool will automatically open the sliced view into editor and then you can save it.

There are more cool new tools available in Windows 7 and I will keep updating my posts with more information about those tools as well.

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