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I love it when I can find all the cool tools and utlities built into my operating system itself. All Microsoft haters can say whatever they want to say, but when it comes to ease of use and productivity, Windows 7 has been the best operation system so far. Last week I was doing some prototype on HTML5 and needed to zoom into some images to monitor rendering of canvas very closely. Well I needed some application that could zoom my screen. As I expected, Windows 7 has this cool tool called Magnifier. As the name suggests, this tool can be used to magnify your screen view to the extent you want to accomplish what you want to by zooming into the image. For example, from the following screen view, I want to zoom into red rectangle on the right.

After I use Magnifier, following view provides me the exact details about the rectangle that I was looking for.

How to use Magnifier Tool In Windows

  • You will find this tool under Start > Accessories > Ease of access menu. There you will find a menu item Magnifier as shown in screenshot below.

  • Command Line For Magniifer:

    You can also launch Magnifier by typing Magnify command in Run window as show in image below.

    run magnifier from command line
  • After you launch Magnifier, your view will be enlarged by 200% (default value). You will notice a lens in the view that will follow your mouse movement. When you click on that lens it opens up a dialog window where you can change zoom value as well as options for this tool.

    magnifier options
  • After you are done using Magnifier, click on the lens to bring up the dialog box again and close it. It will dismiss the tool as well.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Magnifier in Windows 7

Press this key

To do this

Windows logo key Picture of Windows logo key+ Plus Sign (+) or Minus Sign (-)

Zoom in or out


Preview the desktop in full-screen mode


Switch to full-screen mode


Switch to lens mode


Switch to docked mode


Invert colors

Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys

Pan in the direction of the arrow keys


Resize the lens

Windows logo key Picture of Windows logo key+ Esc

Exit Magnifier

Pretty cool and easy, eh!

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