Could not find this user in Google Affiliate Network

Recently I was working on adding Google Affiliate Network to my list of affiliate program list to ad to revenue streams. After I applied for the program, I got approval confirmation email in 2 minutes. Well I have been part of Google Adsense for quite some time, so there was not much for google to review I guess. Anyhow, after approval I logged into network account. Every time I clicked on Advertisers or Links or for that matter anything related to getting advertisement specific information, I kept on getting following error message at the top of the page.

Could not find this user in Google Affiliate Network

This was little strange that I am logged into Google Affiliate Network and site can not find the account. After I did some research, I found few suggestions.

  • Clean browser cache
  • Enable SSL 2.0
  • Make sure Javascript is enabled

So I just went along with these suggestions and It still did not resolve the issue. I tried on 3 different machines at this point. After I waited for about 30 minutes and logged into Google Affiliate Network portal, I could access all links without any problems.

After adding some advertisers to my list and getting approvals, I noticed that my list of approved advertisers was empty. Again it did not make sense. From this experience here is the conclusion that I have reached that Google's site has some caching going on which is not getting updated for 10-30 minutes. Although you think that your data has been added, the web site does not think that way. If you are running into these issues with Google Affiliate Network site, my suggestion is to have little patience. After you have updated your information wait for about 15 minutes for it to reflect in the portal.




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