Develop password recovery test use cases using ChatGPT

During software development life cycle, one of the key activities is to prepare use cases for testing of the application. There are certain aspects of a software that are niche to your domain or your application. But there are lot of features that are common among most of the applications. E.g. all secure applications require a user to authenticate, have ability to recover their password etc. ChatGPT's generative AI provides a great start in quickly putting together list of test cases for these common set of functionalities.

As an experiment, I asked it to generate test cases for password recovery functionality. It did a good job of putting together a decent list of test cases that I could hand to my QA team. It provided the QA team to build on this starting point and add the cases that were unique to our application. In a very short time we had a complete list of test cases. Following is the answer that I got from ChatGPT when I asked it the question Test cases for password recovery.

When designing test cases for password recovery functionality, it is important to cover various scenarios to ensure the feature works correctly and securely. Here are some test case examples:

  1. Valid Password Recovery:

    Test a valid password recovery process by providing a correct username or email associated with the account. Ensure that a password reset link or temporary password is successfully sent to the user's registered email address. Verify that the user can use the provided link or temporary password to reset their password successfully. Confirm that the user can log in using the new password after resetting it.

  2. Invalid Username or Email:

    Test the scenario where an incorrect or non-existent username or email is provided for password recovery. Verify that an appropriate error message is displayed, indicating that the username or email is not found in the system. Ensure that the password recovery process does not proceed further if an invalid username or email is entered.

  3. Multiple Account Matches:

    If the system allows multiple accounts to be associated with the same email address, test the case where a user provides an email address that is associated with multiple accounts. Verify that the user is prompted to provide additional information (such as username or security questions) to identify their specific account before proceeding with the password recovery.

  4. Expired Password Reset Link:

    Test the scenario where a password reset link has expired. Ensure that the system detects the expired link and provides an appropriate error message, prompting the user to request a new password reset link.

  5. Invalid Password Requirements:

    Test the scenario where a user tries to reset their password with an invalid password that does not meet the defined password requirements (e.g., minimum length, required characters). Verify that the system enforces the password requirements and displays relevant error messages to guide the user in creating a valid password.

  6. Security Measures:

    Test the security measures implemented during the password recovery process, such as rate limiting, account lockout, or CAPTCHA verification. Ensure that these measures are functioning correctly and providing the necessary protection against unauthorized access or abuse.

  7. User Experience:

    Test the user experience aspects of the password recovery process, such as the clarity of instructions, ease of use, and the flow of steps. Verify that the process is intuitive, user-friendly, and guides the user effectively through each step.

  8. Integration Testing:

    If the password recovery functionality interacts with other systems or services (e.g., email service provider), perform integration testing to ensure smooth communication and proper handling of responses and errors.

These test cases cover a range of scenarios to validate the password recovery functionality thoroughly. It is essential to customize and expand these test cases based on your specific application requirements and any additional security measures you have implemented.




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