How to fix Signed Image hash is not allowed error

When you are creating a Linux based VM on Hyper-V or other virtualization platform, you are very likely to run into following error when you start the VM after initial creation.

  • The signed image's hash is not allowed (DB)
  • A boot image was not found
  • The boot loader did not load an operating system

Your first reaction may be that there is something wrong with ISO image of Linux operating system. No, there is nothing like that. This is just the security feature of Linux operating system coming into play. It is Secure Boot feature that is trying to protect your machine or VM and ensuring that a boot time hijacking does not take place. To overcome this error, you will need to disable secure boot option. In Hyper-V, setting of your VM should like below.

If your check box is disabled, it would mean that VM is in running state. Turn it off and then check box will be enabled. After you disable the feature, restart your VM. Now Linux operating system should install normally.




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