How to generate ASP.Net Identity database script

If you are looking into integrating ASP.Net identity membership in your MVC application, then first thing you are going to look for is SQL scripts to include the related tables in your application's database. In this post I will show how you can go about getting those scripts and stau updated with those scripts if there is any update published by MVC team.

ASP.Net Identity Database project

The easiest way to get these scripts is by using ASP.Net Identity Database project to create new project and then publish the script from the project. Download and install this project template in Visual Studio.

  • Go to Tool > Extensions and Updates menu option
  • Go to Visual Studio Gallery > Search Results item in left navigation of the dialog
  • In search box type ASP.Net Identity as your search terms
  • You should see the template as shown in screen shot below. Install it.

  • Now create new SQL project and use ASP.Net Identity Database template

After creating identity database you should see all the tables, scripts etc. in the project.

You can use Publish option on this project to get the script. You can either publish the database objects directly or generate the script to include in your other deployment scripts for the application.

Now you are all set to start using ASP.Net Identity in your MVC application. If you need SQL script feel free to let me know. I can send it you directly.

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