Do I need to buy new XBox for Kinect?

xbox kinect

One of the most asked question about XBox Kinect is Do I need to buy new XBox console?. Well, there seems to be some fuzziness about this topic. Let's start with answering very basic question about Kinect.

As I mentioned in my previous post What is XBox Kinect, this is a separate hardware device that you will need to connect to XBox 360. So first answer is that you will need to buy this new XBox Kinect device. So there is going to be a new hardware purchase on your part.

Now the next part of the puzzle. Microsoft site says Kinect works with every Xbox 360®*. The big question mark everybody has in their mind at this time is EVERY XBox 360. Does this mean that it will work with all existing XBox 360 consoles or do I need to buy the new model. The confusion comes from one line on Microsoft site .. Oh, and don’t forget it comes ready for Kinect right out of the box* .. about the latest model of XBox 360 console. Does this mean that older models of XBox 360 consoles are not ready for Kinect. For now, the word is that Kinect works with all XBox 360 consoles. And lets hope that it stays that way.




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