How to configure Application Pool in IIS in Windows 7

In earlier post I discussed how to find application pool of your web site or web application in Windows 7 and Windows 2008. Next set of questions that I get asked right off the bat are:

  • Where are all applicaton pool in IIS in Windows 7 and Windows 2008?
  • How to change settings of an application pool in IIS in Windows 7 and Winds 2008?

Here is step by step procedure to find what all application pools you have in IIS7.

  • Start IIS Manager console.

  • Look in the tree in left hand side pane. There you will find a node named Application Pools. Click on this link.

  • In the center pane, you will see list of all application pools that have been create on your machine.

  • Select the pool that you want to inspect or configure. In the right hand pane you will find the list of actions that you can perform on the pool.

  • Click on Advanced Settings to all the details of your application pool configuration. This is where you can make changes to pool configuration.




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