How to open firewall ports in windows 7

In this post I will discuss how to open a fire wall port in Windows 7 machine. I will use opening port for SQL Server access in your machine for inbound connections.

  • Goto Start > Control Panel.

  • Click on System and Security option in right pane.

  • Now you will see options in right pane and one of them is Windows Firewall. Click on that option.

  • Now you have details about Windows Firewall status etc. on your machine.

  • Click on Advanced Settings link in left hand pane.

  • Now you have a very elaborate user interface with very detailed status of fire wall on your machine. In left hand pane you will see option for Inbound Rules. This is what you need to click because we are about to open a port for incoming connections for your machine.

  • You will see all the firewall port rules for incoming connections. On right side, click on New Rule link to start adding new rule for opening port in firewall.

  • Now you will have wizard to help you add port opening rule. Since we are going to open port, select radio button for Port. For example for SQL Server you will enter port number as 1433 if you have default settings for SQL Server.

  • Follow the wizard to add port. At one step you will get option to select what type of network will have access to this port. If you do not want the port to be open in public network then uncheck that option. It will be important if you use your machine on public WiFi networks.

Once you have followed these steps, you will have your port open in firewall.




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