Images not showing on ASP.Net page on Windows 7 and Windows 2008

This morning I was debugging an ASP.Net application my new shiny Windows 7 x64 machine. Moment I launched default page of the application, none of the images were showing up. They were all broken link images on the page. I looked in handy web traffic analysis tool Fiddler. Each of the image requests were coming back with 404 status code. Well that did not make sense because image files were right there where they were supposed to be. Only thing that came to mind at that time was that web server is refusing to serve image files. Then it occurred to me that this a brand new machine that I configured and probably did not configure IIS correctly yet. So I went to Start > Control Panel > Turn Windows Feature On or Off and there it was under IIS that Static Content was disabled. Turn that on and I was all set to go.

IIS7 Settings
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