How to insert emoticons into google wave

emoticon in google wave

This is .Net implementation of recently published python Google Wave robot supasmiley. This is a very simple robot that parses the text in a blip. If there is some text that matches standard character combination for emoticon display, it replaces that text with a google wave gadget to display graphical display. In this example, the robot is only looking for character combination <3. If it is found, the range of characters are removed and gadget is inserted. The gadget is a simple flash movie that display beating heart.

 void ProcessEmotions(IEvent e)
  var txtView = e.Blip.Document;
  var txt = txtView.Text;
  var idx = txt.IndexOf("<3");
  if (idx == -1)
  txtView.Delete(new Range(idx, idx+2));
  txtView.InsertElement(idx, new Gadget(""));

Try It

  • Add into your contact list.
  • Start a new wave or you can choose an existing wave
  • Add as participant in the wave.
  • Enter text and where you want to show beating heart, type <3
  • ... like the heart now....

Download Sample Project




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