IE runs very slow on Windows 7 after installing Java Run Time

This was just a nightmare experience with Java Run Time on Windows 7. I wanted to run live stock ticker application from my brokerage firm. That application is a java applet. For few years Microsoft has stopped installing JRE on Windows machines, thanks for litigation case with Sun MicroSystems. Anyways, I downloaded JRE from Sun's web site and installed it. First thing i notice is that when I launch Internet Explorer it taked 5-8 seconds for home page to come up. And subsequent page navigation is slow as well. When I looked in Task Manager I saw that ssvagent.exe process is consuming close to 90% CPU. Then I launched a second instance of browser. Now I have another ssvagent.exe process launched and consuming all the CPU it can. I could not surf any pages without waiting for 5-10 seconds per page load time. I immediately installed Java Run Time from my machine and everything back to normal.

I did some search about the process and found that this is some known issue. There is an official bug report about it on Sun's site as well. You can read about it on this link ssvagent.exe and jbroker.exe need to be signed. The bug has been opened and closed multiple times. And it looks that it still has not been fixed. At least now you do not get Windows UAC dialog box.

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