Download Lexmark 6100 Series Drivers For Windows 7

Tonight I decided to dust off my old Lexmark 6170 printer/scanner and attach it to my Windows 7 64bit machine. Well, I was expecting it but was hoping for some miracle that it would not happen. The installation of drivers failed. Windows's automatic update could not find any device drivers that would work. I tried to download driver from some well known driver sites. That did not help. Finally I went to Lexmark's support site (I should have done it the first place anyways). After searching around I found that Lexmark does not have drivers for Windows 7 but they have remark on their page to install their Windows Vista drivers and it should work. And I did exactly as they asked, and it did actually work.

Here is the URL from Lexmark support site from where you can download the package. Here is what you need to do.

  • Goto Lexmark X6170 Suport page.
  • Near end of page, it has option to pick operating system. Select Vista 64 if you are installing on Windows 7 x64 otherwise pick Windows Vista x32.
  • It will present you with a link. This link has lot of text. Trust me it is a link that will take you to download.
  • Rest is standard. After clicking on the link you will get your download package. Run it to install the drivers for Lexmark 6100 series on your Windows 7 machine.




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