How to create flashing text on web page using CSS

I have been designing and developing web applications and mobile applications that require the users to take actions in a fixed period of time. An auction type of application is a perfect example wher...

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Handling Transient Failures in Azure Using Polly

Transient failures in any cloud environment are one of the major challenges in running a scalable and performant application. At the end of the day, it does not matter who your cloud provider is, your...

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Task was cancelled error when calling AddToGroupAsync in SignalR

If you are using SignalR for your real time application needs in Asp.Net Core application, then it is more than likely you may run into following error when calling AddToGroupAsync method. System.Th...

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How to clear all keys Redis Cache keys in .Net Core

Redis is a great scalable and high performance key-value store. It is widely used as distributed cache store. I have used Redis as distributed cache for my Asp.Net web applications for a very long tim...

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iCloud and iMessage accounts are different

I wanted to backup all my iMessage items to iCloud. When I tried to turn on backing up of iMessage in Settings, I got the following error message pop up on me. Messages in iCloud is not available be...

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