How to buy and install GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS

If you own GoDaddy server, then there is good chance that you are going to buy SSL provided by GoDaddy. I have seen many people complaining about issues installing GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS. Most...

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How to hide DataGrid Column? How to hide GridView Column?

Often times you want to hide the columns in grid view. Some times you want to hide the column completely meaning you do not want the information to be rendered on the page at all. And there are...

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How to access gridview cell values on client side

In this article I will be discussing how you can use client side JavaScript to access values in specified row and column of GridView control without doing any post back. I have discussed in...

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How to sort GridView in Asp.Net?

In this article I will discuss how to sort columns in grid and more. At the end it will help answer some very frequently asked questions like following. How to so...

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How to convert xml file into a String object

This is a very simple tip on how to load a XML file into XmlDocument object and then load it into a String object. This is kind of a handy utility because when you call ToString metho...

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