Flutter Fix Failed To Launch Emulator In 60 Seconds

I use Visual Studio Code for Flutter Development. As part of debugging the code for Android devices, I am using emulator for Pixel 3. Everything was working fine till last night. This morning, after I...

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How to post data in Flutter

Every application at some point in its lifecycle requires functionality that requires you to send data to backend via some WebApi. Flutter mobile application is no exception to this kind of functional...

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How to sort list in Flutter and Dart

Sorting is an important action that we all take on a collection. In any application when you want to display list of data, nobody wants to see the list in some random order. You are always looking to ...

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How to fix TypeError dynamic is not a subtype of type

Dart is a type a type safe language. It checks an object's type at compile time as well as runtime. This results in runtime errors like below. _TypeError (type '(dynamic, dynamic) => dynamic' is ...

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How to update Flutter on your machine

Google announced release of Flutter 2.2 and Dart 2.13 at its I/O2021 conference. If you are wondering how to update your version of Flutter install on your machine, then its very simple process. On ...

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