Customize View Of PostView In BlogEngine Home Page

The post discusses how to Customize View Of PostView In BlogEngine Home Page

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The value for the 'compilerVersion' attribute in the provider options must be 'v4.0' or later

This post discusses error when loading a child ASP.Net 4.0 application under parent DNN portal because of ASP.Net breaking change that causes ASP.NET 4 Child Applications Fail to Start When Under ASP....

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Tweet Button Control For BlogEngine and ASP.Net

Tweet Button ASP.Net Server Control for BlogEngine and for any ASP.Net application.

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Poll Widget For BlogEngine.Net

A modified version of Poll Widget for Blogengine.Net

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DNN Performance Optimization - How DNN Caching Works

The post discusses how DNN caching is implemented and how it can be used to optimize performance of a DNN portal.

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