Windows Gadget To Display VWorker Recent Open Projects

Download Gadget For Vworker Recent Projects (22.07 kb) In this post I will discuss how to write a Windows 7 gadget. It has been long since I wrote a gadget. This week I was looking at putting some sc...

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How to get emails from all exchange mail folders on iPhone

Recently I replaced my Blackberry with iPhone 4s at work. It was such a relief. Using Blackberry was a total nightmare because of various reasons. Everybody had different reasons to not like it. Here ...

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Skype Crashes On Windows 7

I am a very heavy user of Skype. All my communication with my team members and clients happens through. Yesterday when i logged into Skype, within 5 seconds the application crashed. My first impressio...

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Set file download folder for Chrome

One of most performed action in Internet browsing is that we all download lot of music, videos, document etc. to our local hard disk for later viewing. A lot of time we view those files immediately an...

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