How to pass arguments to constructor with Ninject dependency injector

When using dependency injection, some time we need to pass additional parameters in constructor of that object. Ninject provides a very handy method that you can use to pass arguments when you bind th...

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Mvc - How to pass parameters in Html.BeginForm action url

In my previous post Authentication and Dynamic content in MVC using Model Binding I described how you can bind your model to input controls and then binding will transport the values back and...

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Compiler Error Message: CS1061 - MVC4 using VS11

While working on my MVC4 web application using VS11, I ran into the following error. I have an extension method that was to be called from razor page. Compiler Error Message: CS1061: 'System.Web.Mvc...

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How to use Ninject to insert dependency using constructor pattern

Download Sample Application Recently I was working on a prototype for implementation of logging mechanism for my application. Previously I used to use Unity for Dependency Inj...

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Windows 8 - Recycle Bin

In this post I will discuss where you will find Recycle Bin in Windows 8 and to take action on items in recycle bin. The topic seems kind of simple, but when you start using Windows 8 and Metr...

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