Localization Of MVC Site

While developing my prototype site Universal Shopping Mall the implementation will not be complete without implementing globalization or localization of MVC web site. In this post I wi...

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Implement MVC Grid View With Edit Capability

Download Sample MVC Grid Project GridView and/or DataGrid type of controls are one of the most commonly used controls in ASP.Net. Every new MVC project or ones being converted from ol...

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Facebook Logout Button In MVC Application

Download Sample Project In previous post, Use Facebook login in MVC, i discussed how you can use Facebook to authenticate users in your web application. Authentication im...

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Facebook login in MVC Application

Download Sample Project As Facebook IPO is coming up soon, I decided to stir some activity around this blockbuster event. In this post I will be discuss how to authenticate us...

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MVC Ajax Request Error handling

Download Sample Project In previous post, how to use ajax in mvc application, I talked some basic concepts of using ajax in mvc application. The big assumption in that discussion was ...

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