Programmatically download file from FTP site using .Net

In this post I will discuss how to use FtpWebRequest class to download a file from a FTP location. The code makes use of GetResponse method to get response as byte array. You can argue...

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Set jQuery cache option and Response headers to expire cached response

Recently I was working on an ASP.Net MVC based trading platform application using ASP.Net MVC4 framework. I ran into a very interesting bug. On one of the pages had a data table that was refre...

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How To Assign Custom Identity To MVC WebApi

In my previous post How to implement Basic aucthentication for MVC WebApi, I left some loose ends. Right after I posted the blog, I got few emals asking how do you go about setting identity o...

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How To Implement Basic Authentication For MVC WebApi Application

Recently I started working on a MVC WebApi project. We decided to use Basic Authentication as our authentication mechanism between client and server. Yes, I am aware of the fact that Basic Aut...

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