Database project problem with Side by side installation of VS2013 Preview with VS2012

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013 Preview 2 days ago. I installed it on a development machine side by side with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate edition. On VS2013 installation dialog box, I decided to...

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MVC WebGrid - How to customize columns in MVC grid view

In my previous post How to use grid view in MVC I discussed very basic use of WebGrid extension in MVC applications to display a grid view. In real life application you need a little b...

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How to use WebGrid to display grid in MVC application

For last few weeks I have been working on an ASP.Net MVC application that requires use of grid view kind of user interface. Since the user interface was not very complicated I found that use o...

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Mvc WebApi Optimization - Accept Compressed Response

Recently I was developing a MVC application that consumes REST services from a third party. One of the methods in the service was returning over 20,000 records as collection of JSON objects. I...

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