Alert and Confirm pop up using BootBox in AngularJS

Alerts and confirmation dialog boxes are very integral part of any kind of applications. Applications built using AngularJS are no exception. I have used BootBox in my applications. I deci...

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AngularJS Grouped Bar Chart and Line Chart using D3

In one of my ealrier posts, Custom AngularJS directive to plot chart using D3.js, i talked about how to go about creating custom directive for simple chart. In this post I am going to ...

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How to use AngularJS directive in MVC ActionLink

If you are using AngularJS in combination with ASP.Net MVC, sooner or later you will run into situation where you want to use Html.ActionLink or Url.Link to generate links on the page...

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Custom AngularJS directive to plot chart using D3.js

In some of my earlier posts I have talked about how to create custom AngularJS directive that i was using to show connection latency values as text indicator. To further enhance user experience, i cre...

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AngularJS - How to find when items are added or removed from collection

AngularJS provides a lot of features that some time we don't pay attention to or overlook. Other day somebody asked me a question about watching collection when new items are added or existing...

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