How to sort GridView in Asp.Net?

In this article I will discuss how to sort columns in grid and more. At the end it will help answer some very frequently asked questions like following. How to so...

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How to convert xml file into a String object

This is a very simple tip on how to load a XML file into XmlDocument object and then load it into a String object. This is kind of a handy utility because when you call ToString metho...

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All colors from System.Drawing.Color class

Below are all the colors from System.Drawing.Color class.

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How to add custom route for razor pages

In Asp.Net MVC, when you needed to add a custom routes for a page, you are doing from your RouteConfig or equivalent. You would add code that may look like below. routes.MapRoute( na...

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How to resolve Error CS0103: The name 'RenderBody' does not exist in the current context

If you are developing Razor Pages for Asp.Net core application, you may run into following compile time error. Error CS0103 The name 'RenderBody' does not exist in the current context RenderBody d...

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