Asp.Net Core error System.InvalidOperationException The partial view was not found

I was working on a new Asp.Net core project and ran into following error. System.InvalidOperationException: The partial view '_MainView.Section1' was not found. The following locations were searched...

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How to use Libman in Visual Studio to install client side libraries

In Asp.Net projects, when you wanted to install client-side libraries like jQuery, Bootstrap, Fontawesome etc., you will use NuGet package manager. In .Net Core projects, when you use NuGet package ma...

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Resolve type or namespace name IWebHostEnvironment could not be found

In one of earlier posts Abstracting .Net Core Startup Code, I wrote about how to abstract .Net Core Web Application's start up code into a separate library. I got some questions from some fellow devel...

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Abstracting .Net Core Startup Code

When you create a new .Net Core Web app, template project creates Startup.cs file. This file contains the start up code required to complete following steps. public Startup(IConfiguration configurat...

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