How to Handle HTML Events in Typescript

I have been getting lot of questions related to handling of events in Typescript. In this post, I will try to address these questions with focus on following: How to handle click event for a button ...

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Fix error CS4034: The await operator can only be used within an async lambda expression

When you call an async method, you have to use await operator to wait for the call to complete. You can not use await operator for an non-async method call. As example, let's say we have following asy...

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How to Automatically unzip compressed response with .Net Core HttpClient

Http response compression is a great way to improve performance of your web applications. Performance improvement is not just limited to web pages. You can use same response compression for web api as...

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Develop Ethereum Price Feed Plugin Using .Net Core

In my earlier post Bitcoin Price API, I talked about how to use data feed provided by CoinDesk to implement a .Net Core widget to display latest Bitcoin prices. I was also looking for data feed that w...

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Develop Bitcoin Price Feed Plugin Using .Net Core

Crypto currency has become household topic of discussions. Especially with how NFT (non-fungible tokens) assets are being talked about, more and more people want to know about crypto currencies. There...

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