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I have been a Quicken for lot of years. It has helped me a lot in financial planning budgeting and the whole nine yards that goes with money. It is a very powerful financial management tool. For some time I have been looking for a secure, reliable online tool that I could use to manage all finances and get some quick overview and reports on varioud aspects of the finances. In Quicken it was not easy for me to look at important metrics about finances. It required me to customize all the home view etc. I just needed something that would know out of the box about things that matter the most and need immediate action from me.

This year while doing my taxes on TurnboTax, at the end of the filing I was offered to goto So I decided to give it a spin and see what this tool has to offer. Well, I was quite impressed with it. Here are some of the highlights of this tool that you will find very helpful.

  • Security is prime concern when you are putting your personal financial information on the internet. I have using TurboTax for lot of years now. So far I have no complaints about security of my data. So I did not see any reason why I could not trust when it is from the same company.
  • Configuration is very simple with Mint. You get started in matter of minutes. Only thing you need is an email address.
  • Adding your bank accounts, investment accounts, mortagage accounts etc. is very easy. Mint has ability to pull data from most of the instituotions automatically. Only thing it needs it your login information for all the institutions. Other than one account, Mint was able to pull data for all my accounts. I did not have to manually add a single entry into the system.
  • You can configue email alerts about each aspect of your finances. For example when you spend over limit for certain items or if there is large transaction on your account etc.
  • It is easy to create budgets and then it provides you a quick view of how you re doing with your budget.
  • Suggestions, this is part i really like about Mint. It provides you very helpful hints on what you can do to reduce debt, mortgage etc. This thing saved me quite some money per month based on their suggestions.
  • In this world of phones and devices, this tool shines. It provides you native applications for Andorid and iPhone that you can download and then you have access to all the information on your device.

There is a lot that has to offer. Give it a try.

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