Outlook 2016 Crash On Windows 10

This evening I decided to upgrade by Office 2013 Professional installation on my Windows 10 desktop to Office 2016 Professional. Mostly I only use Outlook so I was mainly focused on that application. The install of Office 2016 went smooth and was relatively fast as compared to older versions. After install I launched Outlook and BOOM! Got pop up message saying that Outlook has stopped working. This problem persisted. I was not able to start Outlook at all. Reboot of machine did not help as well.

After looking around Microsoft forums I found that I am not alone. There are lot of people who have complained about this. Some people suggested to uninstall and reinstall Outlok 2016 or for that matter whole Office 2016 Professional suitre of application. But I did not want to go down that path unless I really had to. Then I found answer from MS support team that suggested repairing the installation. Following link provides details about how to repair office applications.

Repair an Office application

During repair, you will be presented dialog box to choose between quick repair and full online repair. I will strongly recommend using online complete repair. It does take little longer. But I noticed that it cleans up older installation including shortcuts etc. But it did the trick fort me. Give it a try if you are seeing Outlook 2016 crashes on Windows 10.

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