How to get emails from all exchange mail folders on iPhone

Recently I replaced my Blackberry with iPhone 4s at work. It was such a relief. Using Blackberry was a total nightmare because of various reasons. Everybody had different reasons to not like it. Here are some that always pushed me away from Blackberry.

  • Very low battery life
  • Usability

Anyhow this post is not about Blackberry. This post is about setting up Microsoft Exchange email folders on your iPhone 4s. After I received my iPhone from our IT guys, I noticed that I was only getting emails in my Inbox folder. I have set up a lot of email rules to move emails to various folders when they arrive. I remember that on Blackberry I had to make some modifications in sync application so that I could receive emails on selected folders along with Inbox. So following intuition, I went to Settings in iPhone and found the way to do it. Here are the steps that you can follow to push emails from all or selected folders in Microsoft Exchange to folders on iPhone.

  • Select Settings from main screen of your iPhone
  • Scroll down a little in Settings screen and you will find Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. Click on this item in the list.
  • On Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen look under Accounts section for the exchange account for which you want to make the changes. And click on that account item in the list.
  • On this exchange set up screen, at the bottom you will find Mail Folders to Push item. Click on this item in the list.
  • On this Mail Folders to Push screen, you will complete list of email folders available for you. Just select the folders that you would like to include.

Now you will be all set to receive emails from your selected folders on your iPhone.

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