TF218027: The reporting folder could not be created on the server that is running SQL Server Reporting Services

While working on Team foundation Server (TFS) 2010, I ran into the following error when I tried to create a new project from remote location.

TF218027: The following reporting folder could not be created on the server that is running SQL Server Reporting Services: /TfsReports/DefaultCollection. The report server is located at: http://mytfsserver/Reports. The error is: The remote name could not be resolved: 'mytfsserver'. Verify that the path is correct and that you have sufficient permissions to create a folder on that server, and then try again..

I was not having this issue in intranet environment. The key to this problem is REMOTE INTERNET LOCATION. The error message about sufficient permissions was not relevant in this case because I did not have any problem with same account in intranet environment. When I am working from remote office, I do not connect to TFS using named server. It is accessed via fully qualified URN like or So when I am connecting over internet, the name resolution for the TFS server is going to fail.

You can easily resolve this issue by adding an entry in HOSTS file to map IP address of your TFS server to its name. Here are steps to do it:

  • Go to \Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder.
  • Look for hosts file there. Make a copy of this file because we are going to alter it. Have a back up of it just in case we mess it up.
  • Add a new map entry for your TFS server in there. Something like: &nbp;  mytfsserver

    Save the file. If you are running on Windows Vista or higher then you will not be able to save the file directly in the folder because of UAC. Save it in your documents folder first and then copy it over.

  • Now try to add new project again and you should be all set.




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