How to develop DotnetNuke Module - Implementation of module

How to develop custom DotnetNuke module? How to develop DNN module using C#? How to develop DNN module in Visual Studio?

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Import User Accounts into DNN

This post discusses how to import user accounts from a another source into DNN portal.

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InheritInChildApplications cannot be set to false - Error hosting child application under DNN

Download modified assembly for .Net 4.0 In one of earlier posts, I had described how you could host a child application under DNN. This technique had been working and still works perfectly. T...

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How to develop and deploy DNN Schedule Task

Every now and then we all run into development of functionality in ASP.Net that requires do some scheduled tasks that need to be done at some pre-defined time and frequency. Same is true for developme...

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Using DotNetNuke for first time

How to use DotNetNuke? Use DNN to build web sites?

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