Fix Flutter error: Required isn't type

Null safety is a great feature for any programming language. Dart is not any different. Dart introduced it in Version 2.0. You can read more about Understanding Null Safety in Dart language documentat...

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Flutter Tutorials: Lesson 2, Setting up AppBar

An App Bar is an integral part of any type of application. It plays an important in Mobile applications. This is the place where you are showing title of your page or view, provide a way for users to ...

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Learning Flutter - Putting building blocks in place

Flutter is a wonderful UI toolkit that Google's development team has offered to rest of the world to build applications for Web, Mobile and Desktop devices. Now that this framework has been out for fe...

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Learn Flutter - Setting up navigation for mobile application

This is Lesson 3 in our Learn Flutter series. Learn Flutter - Lesson 1 Learn Flutter - Lesson 2 Navigation in any kind of application (Web or Mobile) is crucial part of UI/UX. A well designed and...

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How to use Timer in Flutter and Dart

In web applications, we are used to using setTimeout and setInterval functions when we want to execute some action after certain period of time. Some time we want to execute the action only one time a...

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