How to write SWIFT code to make HTTP GET request

Making HTTP and HTTPS requests in any application, client side or server side, is one of the first tasks that any developer needs to execute when an application needs to get data from server o...

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How to implement NSURLSession delegate using SWIFT

In previous post How to write SWIFT code to make HTTP GET request, I showed a very simple code demonstrating simple concepts. In this post I will build on top of the previous simple code and show ...

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Convert JSON to Custom Objects using SWIFT

In previous post I showed some sample code showing how to execute a GET HTTP request to get weather information from OpenWeatherMap API. Once you have successfully executed a GET request and obtai...

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Process Launch Failed Security Error On iPhone/iPad

Following is a very common error that lot of iOS developers run into when they try to launch their applications on iPhone/iPad through XCode. There are few reasons that lead to this error. ...

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Class does not implement methodSignatureForSelector error in Swift

Today I was trying to implement some array manipulation in Swift to find elements with unique property value in an object. Here is the code I was trying to execute. let values = NSArray(arra...

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