Temporary Internet Files Location In Windows 7

With Windows 7 a lot of things have changed as far as location of certain folders go. In my previous post Location Of Documents and Settings Folder in Windows 7 I talked about how you can access your Documents And Settings Folder on Windows 7. Other day I was asked where has Temporary Internet Files folders have been moved.

There is an obvious answer to this question but lot of times we just forget about it. If you bring up Options dialog box from Tools menu or tool bar button, you can see location of this folder by clicking on Settings button. Following screen shots two steps that you need to follow to find location of your Temporary Internet Files folder location.

  • IE options
  • temporary innternet file folder

As a quick reference you will find Temporary Internet Files folder at following location.

C:\Users\{User Account}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
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