Unable to start debugging on the web server - Error when starting ASP.Net debugging

Recently I installed Visual Studio 2010 and was working on a prototype User Activity Monitoring administration application. When I tried to launch the application in Visual Studio IDE, I got the following error message box.

Microsoft Visual Studio
Unable to start debugging on the web server. Debugging failed because integrated 
Windows authentication is not enabled. Please see Help for assistance.
OK   Help   

As the error suggests that I need to enable windows authentication. And that is a pre-requisites for running ASP.Net application under debugger. But thing that was different is that till Visual Studio 2008 when you made the IDE to create Virtual Directory, it used to enable windows authentication in IIS for that virtual directory. It seems that Visual Studio 2010 does things differently. It only enables anonymous access. You will have to explicitly enable windows authentication. It is simple procedure.

  • Launch IIS manager
  • Right click on virtual directory and select Properties menu option
  • Select Directory Security tab on the dialog box.
  • On this view click on Edit button in Anonymous access and authentication control section at top
  • On this dialog box, check the check box at the bottom in front of Integrated Windows Authentication option.
  • Click OK and apply your changes.
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