Using DotNetNuke for first time

I just finished putting together a quick web site for a client using DotNetNuke framework. This was my first time creating a site from scratch using DNN. I have done plenty of custom ASP.Net web sites from scratch in the past. I heard a lot, in the past, about DNN as a quick way to put together some decent sites. But when I came to know that it is developed in VB.Net, I held my self back. It is not that VB.Net is inferior language. But having strong background in C/C++/C# and not very extensive experience in VB always kind of not like any VB.Net development. I have done plenty of VB.Net development but not by choice. I kind of digressed from main topic, sorry about that.

My overall experience was pretty good about new version of DotNetNuke. In the past I did maintenance work on a DNN site that was built with V1.0 of the framework. And it was not a pretty experience for me. But I am pleased with how quickly I was able to put together the site for the client. There are some quirks but like any other good software, it is not going to be perfect and make everybody happy. I think law of 80-20 works very well. If it works 100% for 80% of the people then it did its job. And for rest 20%, it provides hooks to customize the things around.

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