Webstorm unable to recognize NodeJS functions

WebStorm provides a very powerful and intelligent IDE to do some serious Javascript development. Especially when you are doing a full MEAN stack development, it is very important that you have tools that provide wide range of development and debugging capabilities for javascript.

Webstorm provides some built-in boilerplate templates for creating projects with NodeJS and Express support. I was creating a project from scratch without using template provided in Webstorm. Until I tried creating a project this way, I did not appreciate how much grunt work the boilerplate does for you to set up appropriate settings for your project.

When I started writing very first line of codes like require('http'), I noticed that Webstorm editor intellisense did not recognize this very fundamental NodeJS function. After digging around, I found out that Webstorm does not enable support for Node by default for a blank project. You will have to do it your self.

Mac OS Users

Go to Webstorm > Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > Javascript > Libraries. You will notice that check boxes for Node related libraries and environment are checked off. Enable those as shown in picture below

. NodeJS support in webstorm

Windows User

It is the same process except the location of this menu is under File > Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Javascript > Libraries

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