Where is Internet Options in Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

This afternoon when I tried to launch Mongo Management Studio application on Windows 10 desktop, I got hit with error dialog box that said Proxy settings detected for local connections. I was little surprised at first with the error. But then I realized that I have been playing with CISCO VPN client application and after that using Fiddler for debugging of some WebApis. I have seen this in past that some time Fiddler has left my internet options settings to use proxy server.

My first reaction was to launch Microsoft Edge browser and look for Internet Options in Settings menu. Well there was a bug surprise. I did not see the well known Network Settings in Settings menu. Then I realized that Microsoft has tried to consolidate lot of Windows settings related functionality in one place. Now most of the settings options can be set from going to Windows Settings section. Here are the steps you will follow to get to Network Options on Windows 10 machine.

  • Click on Windows icon in bottom left corner of your display. It will show you Settings menu option as shown below.

    Windows 10 settings
  • Click on this menu option and it will bring you to new screen where you will see lot of settings related options. You will find one that says Network & Internet as shown below.

    Windows 10 Network Internet
  • Click on above icon and it will bring you to new UI that will have connection types listed on left side. You can pick the type of connections on which you want to change the internet settings. You will also notice that there is Proxy item listed in the list on left side as well. Following screen shot how the UI looks like when I clicked on Ethernet item from left side.

    Windows 10 Internet options
  • Click on Internet Options from right view and it will pop up your well known dialog box that you are used to using to change network options.




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