Windows 8 - Recycle Bin

In this post I will discuss where you will find Recycle Bin in Windows 8 and to take action on items in recycle bin. The topic seems kind of simple, but when you start using Windows 8 and Metro UI, there are some old features that will never get old and cleaning up disk on your machine is one of the ones.

When you start Windows 8, you have Metro UI up and running. To access Recycle Bin you will need to switch to Desktop. There are two ways you can do it. You can use Desktop title from Metro UI or you can hit Start/Windows button on your keyboard. This will bring you to classic desktop ui mode. Here you will see familiar Recycle Bin icon at top left location. Double click on it and bring up your dialog box for recycle bin.

windows 8 recycle bin

You will notice that the top menu part of this dialog box looks little different than what you are used to seeing prior to Windows 8. You may wonder what happened to buttons like Restore or Empty Recycle Bin. They are still there but you need one more click now. Notice there is Recycle Bin Tools button. And under that there is Manage button. Clicking on it will bring up ribbon that has the buttons that you were looking for.

windows 8 recycle bin




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