How to complete Ukouh Shrine

When you start playing Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom, you need to restore power of your arm. It starts with completing Ukouh shrine. The completion of this shrine provides The Ability to Create power to your right arm. This shrine tests this ability.

The Ability To Create power allows you to grab things, rotate them as you want, attach and detach depending on tasks you want to complete. Utouh shrine completion requires you to complete 3 tasks that need to use this power of your arm. When you will start the shrine, you will be provided this new power. As you move forward, you will see a big gap. You will need to cross this gap to get to next section. You can not jump over this gap. You also can not drop in this gap and try to climb the wall. You will see a metal plank on the floor. You will grab this plan using the new power. Move the plank over the gap. Once the plank has been placed over the gap, you can walk over it.

Next you will run into an even bigger gap. You will find two planks on the floor. This will require you to join these two planks together. Use the ability to move the shorter edges of planks together. Do not join the long edges because it will not increase the length of the plan. The goal is to create a longer plank that will cover the long gap. Once you have joined the plank, garb the longer plan and move it over the gap. Then walk over the plan and go to next section.

In the next section, you will notice a very big gap and a rope tied across two sections. The goal is to cross this gap using this rope. On the left side you will notice a big hook on the floor another hook hanging on the wall. You will also find a standing plank. The goal here will be to attach the hook to the plank and then put the hook on the rope to slide across the gap. Garb the plank and put it on the floor. Now grab the hook and move it on top of plank and join its base to the plank. Now grab this new assembly by the hook and place the hook on the rope. Quickly climb the plank. The hook will automatically slide on the rope to the other side. You will need to climb the plank quickly. You do not have control on the sliding movement of the hook. If you do not climb the plank, you will be stranded on this side and you will have to start over. The second hook on the wall is attached with a ball. You can detach this hook from the ball with new ability. You will need to grab the hook and then wiggle right control to detach. I messed up with one hook by placing the hook on the rope without the plank. The second hook was handy in my case.

Once on the other side, interact with the portal and complete the shrine.




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