iPhone Antenna Problem Fix - Is It Fixed?

Apple has always been master of UI and user experience. And now Steve Jobs has decided to use that to fool iPhone users to think that Are you holding me right .. is really not a problem, but is just a software glitch that is displaying wrong number of bars. Well lot of iPhone users may buy into the argument. Well not me.

If this was really an issue with just displaying wrong number of bars, then why exhibit only when holding the phone a certain way. A wrong calculation is a wrong calculation no matter what. If this calculation is affected by how I hold the phone, that means it is a hardware issue and not software issue.

And now Apple has job openings for Antenna Engineers. After all, there definitely seems to be something wrong with how antenna has been designed in iPhone and iPad. Here is the link to job advertisement. There are more jobs on their site, all related to antenna.

Apple Jobs - Antenna Engineer - iPad/iPhone

I guess Apple is following user interface principles that if user does not see it visually then they do not think that it is a problem. So by software manipulation Apple wants iPhone users to think that signal is OK. Ya right!

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