iPhone4 Reception and Signal Strength Problems and more

Yesterday iPhone4 went on sale. I was sitting in my office little bored. So I asked one of my co-workers to take a walk with me to Apple store to get some amusement from hyteria called I want to be first one to buy iPhone 4. Yes, it was quite a scene. People standing outside in heat, holding umberallas and buying bottled water from vendors neear by. Oh well, I hope they got what they came for. Or did they?

After being proud owners of iPhone 4, these people are in line for complaints about the device. It was really amusing to hear and experience iPhone 4 horror. To me this whole experience could be compared to some one payning a huge amount of money for a top model fresh on the street to have some happy time but ended up getting nothing but attritude and the end no happy ending. Let's see how this conversation could have happened.

Customer: Hey baby, I am so glad that I am the first one to get you. Let's get you out of your box.

iPhone4: Be careful baby, I am like glass and I have lost few inches since my last outing.

Customer:Don't you worry. Oh my god, you got such a slim and beatutiful body. I am already in heaven.

Customer: I can't wait to press some of your buttons to turn you on. Make me happy.

iPhone4: Go ahead sweetheart, I am all ready for you.

Customer:What the hell, I have pressed all kind of buttons. Why are you not responding? You were supposed to be much better than your older sister.

iPhone4: No sweetheart, you are not holding me right. I have some turn off points. So don't hold me there.

Customer: Here you go. Now I am just touching you at the right places. What, no dice again. This can't be happening. Now whats wrong?

iPhone4: Watch your attitude mister. See you are holding me too tight. I don't like it. Hold me little gently at those sensitive spots, you know what I mean.

Customer: There, you happy now. Now I am touching you very gently at those spots. Now what am I doing wrong? Why are you not turned on?

iPhone4:Hey, when you got me, I did not say that you are supposed to take everything off of me. See now you have undressed me completely. Please get a cover and put it on my that spot.

Customer: There, I have spent more bucks to cover you. Now can we get on to business and have some happy ending.

iPhone4: Sure, lets get on with business.

Customer: Forget about it. All I wanted was some good time. I will go pay few bucks for a simple model on corner of the street and get the job done.

With all the problems people having with reception, glass back cracking, screen having yellow tinge and some other problem, I wonder was it worth it! And now iPhone has a new slogan... Are you holding me right....

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