External Webcam For Windows and MacBook - Nexigo Product Review

As lot of people are setting up their Work From Home and School From Home, it is important that you have all the appropriate tools in place. One of the tools is webcam. Most of the laptops are equipped with built-in cameras. For simple use those webcam are sufficient. But if you are looking for high quality video for your vlogs, meeting, tutorial session etc., you may find yourself needing more than built-in webcam.

I bought Nexigo AutoFocus FHD Webcam to complete my WFH set up.

I use it with my Windows laptop as well as Macbook Pro. I did not have any issue with integration of this webcam with either of my laptops. You just connect it to USB port and it just works. It clips to your monitor. A lot of people care about privacy and not having to leave camera open all the time. This webcam comes with webcam cover that you can slide on the lens. No need to put a strip of paper or tape on your camera. The webcam has built-in microphone as well. I did not buy the webcam for using its microphone because I use Blue Yeti microphone. But if you are looking for an integrated solution then you can use microphone that is present in this webcam.

Picture quality is good. I am happy with this product. Go get it!

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