Product review for Google Wifi home networking product

I live in a three story house. Sometime back I started having problem with speed of WiFi connection in upper stories of the house. I found lot of suggestions about putting a secondary Wifi router on upper floors of the house to boost signals. I decided to give it a try. I went to Best Buy store to look at what type of routers are available. Yes, it has been a while since I last bought Wifi router for house. My existing router has been working great till now. At the store I was introduced to Google Wifi, Home Wifi System by Google.

This product has been great. In the past I have set up lot of Wifi routers in my home and friend's homes. Google Wifi mesh is very easy to install and set up. In the past, I had to first connect Wifi router to a wired connected machine (desktop or laptop). Then go through a web interface to set up router. Google Wifi has not such requirement. You download Google Wifi mobile application on your phone and all the set up is done from that application only. You set up first node near your ISP modem. Once the node has been configured, you can add additional Wifi nodes in your home or office at other locations.

Google Wifi mobile application provides an easy way for you to monitor and manage Wifi connectivity in your office. You do not have to be in your home to manage it. As long as your Google Wifi device is turned on and connected to internet, you can manage home network from anywhere.

Google Wifi allows you to set up notifications when some device comes online or goes offline in your home. This can be a very handy mechanism to find out when certain family members have left home or come back. It is kind of tracking mechanism.

If you are looking for a new router for your home and office that has multiple floors, then I will strongly recommend this product.

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